Diseaseless Program Scams - You Want The Healing Of All Disease Without Any Medications

While the second - the most common - the cells “beta” produces insulin, but it is in small quantities, or in appropriate amounts, but the body cannot utilize it for one reason or another.

Suffer from heart failure in the United States alone, about 5 million people, the ratio of between 25 and 44% of patients with heart failure also suffer from diabetes.

You want the healing of all disease without any medications enter the

  1. Responded scholars of the Standing Committee on the Pretender and his claim when asked about the matter and said: After studying the Standing Committee for Scientific Research referendum replied as follows:

God said: (God Beautiful Names invite him out and give up, who is notably in the names what they were doing) , said the Prophet, peace be upon him: “The God of nine and ninety name of learns them will enter Paradise,” Diseaseless Program Scam Or Not?

Including the name of God the greatest, if invited by the answered and if asked by the given, God Almighty does not know the number, but is the Almighty, and the whole Hosni, and must prove and demonstrate what is signified by the perfection of God’s majesty and greatness, and deprives atheism where or deny something of which about God or deny what is signified by a perfect, or denial of the Provisions of the attributes of God’s great.

And atheism in the name of God, what he claimed the plaintiff “ Karim master "and his disciple and son-in sheet distribute them to the people of the names of Allah her energy healing to a large number of diseases, and that by the methods of measurement precision different in the measurement of energy within the human body was discovered that each of the names of Allah energy stimulates the immune system to work efficiently optimal in a particular organ in the human body, though managed by the application of the law of resonance to discover that the leads to an improvement in the energy pathways vital in the human body.

And Said: It is known that the Pharaohs first lesson and put measurements of paths vital energy to the human body by the pendulum of the Pharaonic, then mentioned a number of names of Allah in the table and claimed that each name them the benefit of the body or a cure for type of disease the body, explained that a drawing of a human body, and put on each member including a name from the names of God. For Any Question You May Contact Here Contact Diseaseless Program


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