Diseaseless Program - Heart Valves And Pregnancy

Heart valves and pregnancy * Are prevent diseases of the heart valves of women from pregnancy?

For the marriage with a woman infected with one of the diseases of the heart valves and their ability to pregnancy and caring for children and husband, the diseases of heart valves have the medical treatments and surgical interventions catheter, making it one of the diseases that can be treated, but not necessarily crippling for women or men for doing the burdens of family businesses, functional and other life activities.

There are four valves in the heart of every human being, and its primary function to facilitate the flow of blood in a particular direction and preventing blood flow in the opposite direction. Diseaseless Program Review

For example, the LED between the left atrium and the left ventricle, is working to facilitate the passage of blood from the left atrium into the left ventricle, and prevents the return of blood flow from the left ventricle to the left atrium. The disease is divided valves to peek; either narrow in LED, or leak in the valve. Some of the valves may become upset and infusion at the same time.

Injuries and illness in a fuse, or in the number of valves, divided in terms of the need for treatment, to three conditions; first case, the valves do not require surgery, or the process of intrusive catheter, for repair or change LED, in the short or medium term or even the long term, any number of years or decades or a lifetime.

The second case, the valves seem to cardiologist that he probably will need surgery, but it can delay the time of conduct for months or years, and that as long as it has not deteriorated condition of the heart and its function because of the valve of the patient, and so gain for the longest possible period of time without exposing the patient to surgery, and to preserve the
structures normal heart until the onset of signs and function of the heart was affected. For Further Information Read About Us by Ken Drew & Dr. Patel

The third case, valves need surgery or catheter intervention to repair or change, without delay. I.e. within a few months or weeks or, while providing the opportunity.


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