Diseaseless Program Review - Presence Of Factors Injury

Recommends the American Association for the heart to conduct routine tests of the heart and arteries since the age of twenty, in the presence of factors injury tangible or nearly document a patient heart. But most people begin tests after the age of forty.

Early may reveal the early stages of the deposition of fat plaques in the arteries. But diet, exercise and medication, can reduce plaque and perhaps return to the natural state. They should consult a doctor about the frequency of testing. stress and blood pressure , and according to experts, that the practice of physical activity and maintaining a positive mood and participate in the discussion of issues to remove the tension, are good ways and help ease the anguish of life and reduce the risk of heart and stroke, heart attack., and claim to control blood pressure regularly, with regular visits to the doctor, and try to follow the “diet adjust blood pressure,” It is rich in fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy, and low in total saturated fat. Diseaseless Program Review by Dr. Patel

Cholesterol, diabetes, and experts stress the need to adjust the levels of cholesterol, it has no symptoms and the doctor can certainly be diagnosed by high levels, and when it should commit to a prescribed medication, because lowering cholesterol levels greatly reduces the risk of heart disease.

Should also seek to prevent these diseases to those who were diabetes, diseases of the heart is the cause of death for patients with diabetes, so you should talk with your doctor about the risk of this disease, and changing lifestyles, including reducing the risk of infection.

Heart disease is also hereditary

Research shows that the risk of heart disease and blood vessels also shows a generation early. In Ram bam opened clinic will enable children at risk of continuing life healthy full.

Heart disease caused by atherosclerosis is practically a heart disease most prevalent among the audience of adults in the Western world, about 8% of the total population suffer from a main reason for almost a quarter of cases of death in the world West. You Can Visit to Contact Diseaseless Program

In recent years, evolved and established the theory that it must address the causes of the danger that lead to heart disease and vascular generation early. according to Statistics show that children who have suffered one of their parents from heart disease generation early (before the age of 55 years) at risk by more than two to even four times to diseases Heart and blood vessels for the children of ordinary generation puberty.


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